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Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Machine

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Machine

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Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Machine

Our Ultrasonic Cleaner removes stains and dirt from various items such as glasses, jewelry, dentures, and other valuables through high-frequency ultrasonic waves. It’s effortless, powerful cleaning that leaves your cherished items looking their absolute best.

This ultrasonic cleaner works by blasting 48KHz high-frequency sound waves through water to make tiny bubbles that pop with enough force to knock the grime right off your stuff. It’s like giving your items a super-deep clean without scrubbing or using harsh stuff.

Cleaning capacity? Check. With a 640 ml tank, this ultrasonic cleaner fits everything from your favorite ring to your daily spectacles. It's versatile too, offering 5 or 10-minute washes for a quick or deep clean. Perfect for keeping all your valuables sparkling.

Wait, there’s more. It offers 360-degree cleaning with noise reduction for a quiet and thorough clean. Plus, It’s super easy to use with its sleek, waterproof design  that promises longevity.

  • 640ML CAPACITY: Accommodates various items like glasses, jewelry, and dentures, ideal for diverse daily cleaning needs.
  • STRONG CLEANING POWER: Operates at 48KHz frequency and 40 watts, effectively removing small stains through ultrasonic technology.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: Suitable for cleaning glasses, dentures, jewelry, and more, enhancing its utility across different cleaning tasks.
  • 2 TIME MODES: Features a quick 5-minute clean and a thorough 10-minute cycle, allowing flexibility based on item dirtiness.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Equipped with a high-end waterproof surface, ensuring durability and a positive tactile experience during use.
  • EFFICIENT AND QUIET OPERATION: Designed for 360-degree cleaning with noise reduction, providing a quiet and thorough cleaning experience.
  • SIMPLE USAGE PROCEDURE: Just add water, place items, and start with a button press, including a specific method for power off


  • Product Dimensions: ‎ 9.37 x 4.9 x 3.3 inches; 1.32 Pounds
  • Weight: 1.32 lb


  • 1 x Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Machine

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