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The Indestructible Smartwatch

The Indestructible Smartwatch

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The Toughest Smartwatch Ever, Period.

  • Scratch It, Bang It, Dunk It in water.
  • Cover It in sparks. It doesn’t care.

Most smartwatches are very delicate & overpriced. Get the Indestructible Smartwatch built with hard work in mind.

Make Phone Calls

Connect to your phone’s contact list.
Take phone calls from your Indestructible Smartwatch anywhere, anytime.

Half The Price, All The Features

Just as functional as smartwatches more than double the price.

  • Real-Time Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure & Oxygen Monitors
  • Steps & Calories Counter
  • Bluetooth Music Player

Stay Connected

No need to pull out your phone.
Stay on top of text messages, app notifications & emails.

Built For Hard Work

Don’t be afraid to bang your watch
It’s ready to take a beating & keep on ticking!

Engineered for: Mechanics, Laborers, Ranchers, Firefighters, Welders, Longshoremen & any hard work!

Monitor Your Vitals

Check your heart rate in real-time.

Reduce the risk of surprise Heart Attacks & Strokes and know what’s going on with your body.

Designed in Extreme Conditions

Designed in harsh Canadian winters, the Indestructible Smartwatch is built for -30° Degrees & beyond without issue.

Truly Waterproof

Dunk it in mud or water, it doesn’t care.

Don’t be afraid to power wash your watch at the end of a long day.

Blood Pressure Monitor

1 in 3 men over the age of 30 have hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Keep track of your body’s vital signs:

  • Blood Oxygen Percentages
  • Blood Pressure Levels

Battery That Lasts Days Not Hours

Forget to charge it after a long day?
No Problem, it has a 14-Day Battery Life.

IP69K Dust-Proof

Protected from particles & more:

  • Concrete Dust
  • Fiberglass Dust
  • Solvents & Harsh Chemicals
  • Dust Particles

MIL-STD810 Certified

Certified to the highest military standards.

Your Indestructible Watch has been rigorously tested against extreme temperatures, shock, vibrations, humidity, and altitude.

Custom Watch Faces

Choose from hundreds of watch faces or upload a photo from your phone.

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