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Last Day 50% OFF! – HorizonPro S8 Smartwatch

Last Day 50% OFF! – HorizonPro S8 Smartwatch

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The Ultimate Health & Fitness Tracker

Monitor your health & fitness at a glance with real-time actionable insights into everything you need to reach your goals.

  • Tracks 11 Health Parameters
  • 24/7 Heart & Sleep Monitoring
  • Calorie Burn & Step Counter
  • Daily Progress Tracker
  • Smart Notifications Enabled
  • Light, Durable & Water Resistant

Monitoring & Motivation On Your Wrist

Say hello to HorizonPro S8, the all-new fashionable fitness tracker that gives you on-the-go real-time daily health & fitness insights that help you understand your every move, track your progress & reach your goals, everyday.

Big Brand Features at Fraction of the Price

Comfortable, lightweight & durable HorizonPro S8 comes with a variety of powerful features that help you stay connected, active & engaged throughout your busy schedule.

Say Hello To Smarter Fitness

Designed & engineered to bring you the best of both worlds – a smartwatch & fitness tracker, HorizonPro S8 comes fully-loaded with all the features that you need to level up & stay ahead.

Health Tracker

Automatic & on-tap health monitoring of vital parameters including heart rate, blood pressure, & SPO2.

Fitness Tracker

Multi-sports mode, step & calorie counter, and “Get Moving” reminders help keep you motivated & on track to stay fit.

Sleep Tracker

Monitors & analyzes your sleep duration, stages & quality to help you improve your sleeping habits.

Smartwatch Notifications

Stay connected with alerts for calls, texts, social media updates without having to pull out your phone!

20 Day Battery Life

The long lasting battery life lets you track your activities round the clock on a single yet powerful charge.

Weatherproof & Durable

The IP67 rating makes it water resistant while the aluminum alloy construction makes it sturdy yet lightweight.

Even More Features

  • Message / Call Notification
  • Blood Pressure & SPO2 Test
  • Weather Update
  • Silent Alarm
  • Stop Watch
  • 8 Sports Modes
  • Remind To Move
  • Drink Water Reminder


Functional, fashionable & fully loaded with the latest features, HorizonPro S8 Smartwatch + Fitness Tracker is designed for every outfit & occasion, transitions perfectly from your workouts to the office and everything in between!

Frequently Asked Question

Where can I download the app?

You can download or update the DaFit app here

Will this watch work with my phone?

This smart watch works on any Android with a 5.0+ version and iOS 9.0+

Can I change the date and time?

The date and time will automatically be updated once the smart watch is paired with the app through Bluetooth.

What if I get inaccurate readings?

Please remember to remove the protector film from the laser sensor before use.

How do I connect my smart watch via Bluetooth?

Step 1:Wake your Smart Phone Device by pressing the button on the side of the watch.

Step 2:Go back to the app, tap the “ADD A DEVICE” button on the top right of the screen.

Step 3:Grant the device access to your smart phone when prompted.

How can I change my smart phone display?

From the Watch

Step 1:Press and hold your finger on your current clock face to open the clocks app.

Step 2:Move right or left to see the options.

Step 3:Select the desired choice.

From the App

Step 1:Open the app from your smart phone.

Step 2:Tap the device icon.

Step 3:Tap “Watch Faces”

Step 4:Choose a clock face you like and tap. The changes will automatically applied to your device.

How do I measure my blood pressure correctly?

For measuring blood pressure, smartwatches use the optical heart rate sensor. It detects the time it takes for a pulse to travel from the heart to the wrist. It is also known as Pulse Transit Time (PTT), based on which it shows the blood pressure readings. If the blood pressure is high, the pulse transit time is faster, and if the blood pressure is low, the pulse transit time is slower. Measuring blood pressure is much harder than tracking heart rate and rhythm, and getting it right is arguable even more important. Having more ways to easily take blood pressure measurements at home could be a big benefits to people with hypertension (high blood pressure) or other concerns. Pressure measurement taken exclusively in a doctor’s office are often unreliable: Some people have higher blood pressure in-office because they’re anxious about the visit, while other people have masked hypertension – high blood pressure at home, but normal blood pressure at the doctor.

Use this checklist:

Don’t eat or drink anything 30 minutes before you take your blood pressure.

Empty your bladder before your reading.

Sit in a comfortable chair with your back supported for at least 5 minutes before your reading.

Put both feet flat on the ground and keep your legs uncrossed.

Rest your arm with the cuff on a table at chest height.

Make sure the smart watch is snug but not too tight. The watch should be against your bare skin, not over clothing.

Do not talk while taking your blood pressure.

Can I replace the watch band?

You can customize your order after checkout by purchasing additional watch bands in the additional colors we offer. We currently stock white, pink and navy blue.

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