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Bio Band Watch

Bio Band Watch

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Know Your Body’s Health

Say hello to Bio Band Watch, the all-new fashionable fitness tracker that gives you on-the-go real-time daily health & fitness insights that help you understand your every move, track your progress & reach your goals, everyday.

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Blood oxygen monitoring
  • Step number monitoring
  • Calorie monitoring
  • Distance monitoring
  • Sleep quality monitoring
  • Call notification

Activity Tracking

Track all your movements & fitness parameters on the go.

Health Monitoring

Monitor, track & improve up to 11 vital health parameters.

Vital Stats Measurement

Keep a regular check on heart rate, blood oxygen, & blood pressure.

Smart Connectivity

Get all alerts & notifications from your phone on your wrist.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

The smart sensors in the tracker help measure your systolic & diastolic blood pressure with a single tap, whenever you want – on the go.

No need to bulky blood pressure measuring devices or waiting in line at the doctors office.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Blood oxygen or SPO2 level is a vital parameter that needs to be at an optimal level for good health. The fitness tracker lets you track the same with a single touch.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Bio Band Watch tracks your heart rate in real time 24/7 while also recording a log of the same in the daily progress tracker. It also sends an automatic alert in case of inconsistencies.

Calorie & Step Monitoring

Whether you are taking a stroll, actively walking or working out, Bio Band Watch monitors & records your daily step count to help you reach your health goals faster.

It also helps track your calorie burn, so you can watch your weight if needed!

Real Time Smart Connectivity

Bio Band Watch uses BT 5.0 to connect to your Android or iPhone, so you can get alerts for calls, texts, social media without having to pull out your phone, everytime.

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